Well-chosen Stone Paving raises a landscaping design out of the ordinary. So here at London Stone we offer a huge range of high-quality paving, with everything from Granite, Slate and Travertine to a wide range of hard-wearing Sandstone and Limestone products. There's a stone for every setting, whether you're designing a small patio for an urban back garden or an integrated scheme with swimming pool, entrance steps and driveway. On hand to help you make sense of the large choice are our sales advisers, who really understand our products, ensuring that you end up with just the right Stone Paving for your project.
Beige Sawn Sandstone Paving
Beige Sawn Sandstone
Contemporary Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving
Contemporary Grey
Mirage Sawn Sandstone Paving
MIrage Sandstone
Light Grey Sandstone Paving
Light Grey Sandstone
Silver Grey Granite Paving
Silver Grey Granite
Blue Grey Granite Paving
Blue Grey Granite
Black Granite Paving
Black Granite
Antique Cream Sandstone Paving
Antique Cream
Golden Sawn Sandstone Paving
Golden Sandstone
Multi Buff Sawn Sandstone
Multi Buff Sawn
Golden Stone Porcelain Paving
Golden Stone Porcelain
Silver Grey Porcelain Paving
Silver Grey Porcelain
Trendy Black Porcelain Paving
Trendy Black Porcelain
Warm Beige Porcelain Paving
Warm Beige Porcelain
Beola Bianca Porcelain Paving
Beola Bianca Porcelain
Slab Khaki Porcelain Paving
Slab Khaki Porcelain
Slab Coke Porcelain Paving
Slab Coke Porcelain
Urban Grey Porcelain Paving
Urban Grey Porcelain
White Quartz Porcelain Paving
White Quartz Porcelain
Cave Porcelain Paving
Cave Porcelain
Pierre Blue Porcelain Paving
Pierre Blue Porcelain
Cement Porcelain Paving
Cement Porcelain
Rovere Porcelain Paving
Rovere Porcelain
Britannia Buff Yorkstone Setts
Britannia Buff Setts
Cream Porcelain Paving
Cream Porcelain
Charcoal Porcelain Paving
Charcoal Porcelain
Light Grey Porcelain Paving
Light Grey Porcelain
Steel Grey Porcelain Paving
Steel Grey Porcelain
Florence Beige Porcelain
Florence Beige
Florence Grey Porcelain Paving
Florence Grey
Florence White Porcelain Paving
Florence White
Cinder Porcelain Paving
Cinder Porcelain
Black Basalt Porcelain Paving
Black Basalt Porcelain
Comblanchien Porcelain Paving
Comblanchien Porcelain
Faro Porcelain Paving
Faro Porcelain
Gea Porcelain Paving
Gea Porcelain
Sandy White Porcelain Paving
Sandy White Porcelain
Multi Mint Sawn Sandstone
Multi Mint Sawn
Flamed Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving
Flamed Grey
Britannia Buff Yorkstone Paving
Britannia Yorkstone
Dune Sawn Sandstone Paving
Dune Sandstone
Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving
Autumn Brown
Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving
Kandla Grey
Mint Sandstone Paving
Mint Sandstone
Raj Green Sandstone Paving
Raj Green
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Paving
Harvest Sawn
Buff Sawn Sandstone Paving
Buff Sawn Sandstone
Heath Sawn Sandstone
Heath Sawn Sandstone
Desert Sawn Sandstone
Desert Sawn Sandstone
Kota Blue Limestone Paving
Kota Blue
Kota Brown Limestone Paving
Kota Brown
Jura Grey Limestone Paving
Jura Grey Limestone
Jura Beige Limestone Paving
Jura Beige Limestone
Jura Green Limestone Paving
Jura Green Limestone
Granite Setts
Granite Setts
Tumbled Mint Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Mint
Tumbled Raj Green Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Raj Green
Tumbled Black Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Black
Antique Yellow Limestone Paving
Antique Yellow
Beige Sawn Sandstone Planks
Beige Planks
Blue Grey Granite Plank Paving
Blue Granite Planks
Black Granite Plank Paving
Black Granite Planks
Blue Black Slate Paving
Blue Black Slate
Green Slate Paving
Green Slate
Brazilian Black Slate
Brazilian Black Slate
Rustic Slate
Rustic Slate
Sawn Granite Setts
Sawn Granite Setts
Portland Stone Paving
Portland Stone Paving
Portland Stone Steps
Portland Stone Steps
DesignClad Hydra Beige
Hydra Beige
DesignClad Steel Corten
Steel Corten
DesignClad Steel Dark
Steel Dark
DesignClad Hydra Plomo
Hydra Plomo
DesignClad Vulcano Ceniza
Vulcano Ceniza
DesignClad Vulcano Roca
Vulcano Roca
DesignClad Opium Black
Opium Black
DesignClad Hydra Argen
Hydra Argen
Slate Plaza Paving
Slate Plaza Paving
Silver Plaza Paving
Silver Plaza Paving
Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving
Reclaimed Yorkstone
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Grey Yorkstone Setts
Grey Yorkstone Setts
Graphite Grey Limestone Paving
Graphite Grey
Midnight Black Limestone Paving
Midnight Black
Camel Dust Sandstone Paving
Camel Dust
Tumbled Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Kandla Grey
Kirkby Porcelain Paving
Kirkby Porcelain
Silver Contro Porcelain Paving
Silver Contro Porcelain
Bespoke Paving
Bespoke Paving
Sandstone Circles
Sandstone Circles
Bespoke Sawn Stone Circles
Bespoke Sawn Circles
Bespoke Riven Stone Circle
Bespoke Riven Circle
Sandstone Setts
Sandstone Setts
Tumbled Mint Sandstone Setts
Tumbled Mint Setts
Black Limestone Setts
Black Limestone Setts
Tumbled Kandla Grey Setts
Tumbled Grey Setts
Beige Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Beige Edging
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Harvest Edging
Buff Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Buff Edging
Contemporary Grey Sandstone Edging Stones
Grey Edging
Blue Grey Granite Edging Stones
Blue Granite Edging
Silver Grey Granite Edging Stones
Silver Granite Edging
Autumn Brown Sandstone Edging Stones
Autumn Brown Edging
Kandla Grey Sandstone Edging Stones
Kandla Grey Edging
Mint Sandstone Edging Stones
Mint Edging
Raj Green Sandstone Edging Stones
Raj Green Edging
Heath Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Heath Edging
Blue Black Slate Edging Stones
Blue Black Slate Edging
Black Granite Edging Stones
Black Granite Edging
Camel Dust Sandstone Edging Stones
Camel Dust Edging
Kandla Grey Sandstone Walling
Kandla Grey Walling
Mint Sandstone Walling
Mint Walling
Raj Green Sandstone Walling
Raj Green Walling
Schellevis Paving
Schellevis Paving
Schellevis XL Paving
Schellevis XL Paving
Schellevis Steps
Schellevis Steps
Schellevis Kerbs
Schellevis Kerbs
Available in bespoke and standard sizing, our natural Stone Paving is chosen to suit almost every budget, with economical choices, such as Kota Limestone and Indian Sandstone, through to traditional British stones such as Yorkstone and Portland Stone which add a touch of luxury to modern or traditional settings. Offering a wide range of colours, styles and finishes, we also have one of the largest ranges of off-the-shelf coping stones, edging stones and step treads on the market, offering an easy, time-saving and budget-conscious way to create a complete design solution in our most popular Stone Paving.