Piloting Jointing Compounds

We are looking seriously at stocking brush in jointing compounds.  To be honest I have never been the biggest fan of sweep in pointing but I must say my opinion has changed. 

We had a salesman at our yard last week and I was amazed at the speed at which large areas can be pointed.  We reckon that 1 man could easily point 150m2 in 1 day.  WOW!!!

These brush in compounds really come into thier own when pointing sandstone & granite sets.

We are looking for some Southern based paving contractors or landscape gardeners to test out a new type of brush in compound.  We will supply the poiting compound free of charge.  The only stipulation is that it's got to be used on natural stone paving or set's, oh and you've got to let us come down and watch.

Anybody who is interested should get in touch with London Stone:


By London Stone Blog | Published 1st February 2010
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