New bespoke stone edge profiles

London Stone have recently been working on adding some new edge profiles to our existing range of bespoke stone masonry.  Edge profiles are applied to step treads, coping stones, pool surrounds and pier caps.  They are applied for 3 reasons.  One reason is to improve the look of the edge and provide a style that fits in with the rest of the project.  A second reason and one that is not so widely known is that providing an edge profile will reduce the chance of the edge of the stone getting damaged.  Freshly cut natural stone will have a sharp edge which will be fragile to getting damaged, adding an edge profile will significantly reduce the chance of damage.  Thirdly there is the safety aspect, a sharp exposed edge could easily cut or injure somebody who is unfortunate enough to slip over on it.

The most standard edge profiles that we apply to our exterior stone paving are bullnose, half bull nose, pencil round, and chamfer.  We have all seen the grand entrance steps which grace the period properties in London.  These steps are usually made from Yorkstone or Portland Stone with a bullnose edge profile.

The new edge profiles we are adding will be called Edwardian and Victorian and they will mainly be suitable for bespoke coping stones and bespoke pier caps

By London Stone Blog | Published 5th August 2013
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