Natural Stone Paving Installation Part 3

Not only have I taken the brave choice of installing my own Indian sandstone paving patio, I have also decided to publish a blog of my recent progress.  I must be crazy right?  Well, almost, I did used to be a landscape contractor and in the past I have installed thousands of metres of natural stone paving, so I was approaching the project with some previous experience.  I  had decided to use Autumn Brown Indian sandstone.  Autumn Brown hails from the Kota region of Northern India and along with Raj green and kandla grey is one of the hardest sandstones to be imported from India.

I was finally ready to apply the  pointing.  I decided to use Easyjoint to point the patio.  Easyjoint is a sweep in product which can be applied in all weather conditions, it goes rock solid after about 24 hours and can be installed very quickly.  I don think its suitable for all paving types but it certainly has its place in the paving world.  The finish provided by Easyjoint is granular so i would not recommend that it is used for sawn paving, however with riven Indian sandstone it looks ok.






By London Stone Blog | Published 17th August 2012
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