Natural Stone Installation: Laying a Sandstone Patio

I have recently moved house and decided to install an Indian sandstone paving patio in my garden.  I used to be a landscape contractor so I was hoping that the project would not present too many problems.  I was also looking forward to finally using some of our stone for my own project, I have been supplying natural stone paving for the past 6 years now and I was excited about getting some hands on experience of our products.

I opted to use Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving.  We were on quite a tight budget and we were looking for a robust natural stone which would require minimal maintenance, so Indian sandstone was the perfect solution.  The are of the garden paving was about 15m2, so it was not a particularly large project but it would be a challenge bearing in mind how rusty I was.  I had opted to lay the paving in single sizes, many people buy Indian sandstone in random patio packs but I prefer to see stone laid in a coursed pattern.  I decide to use the 845x560 size as i thought this would make best use of the available space in the garden.

We had also decide that we wanted the patio to be raised up, so the first thing we had to do was build a retaining wall.   Once the retaining was built we then got the crushed stone base craned over the wall into the back garden.  Luckily we live on the end plot so we were able to this, saving us a lot of time.

The crushed stone base was craned over the wall

The stone base was then compacted using a whacker plate

Sharp sand and paving craned in to the garden. Ready to be laid !


We are now ready to start laying paving.  Check in tomorrow to see the progress made on site.  If anyone has any questions about the installation of natural stone paving, dont hesitate to contact me on

All the best

Steve Walley (Managing Director)

By London Stone Blog | Published 15th August 2012
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