London Stone Price Freeze For 2020

London Stone Price Freeze For 2020 - learn about where our improved service offer starts

Our mission is simple – to offer the best possible products at the lowest possible prices, and to always put our customers first. We’ve taken some exciting steps to improve our business this year, and we’d like to tell you how!

London Stone has spent over a decade establishing our position in the market place, and has become synonymous with providing customer service and high quality products, but in a competitive market, that’s not enough. More than ever, clients are now looking for value as well as quality products and service. Our mission statement promises to deliver that value to our clients. Here’s what we are doing throughout 2020 to put money back into your pocket.

London Stone Price Freeze For 2020

London Stone's Mission Statement - quality products, outstanding service, and now better value than ever before! (Image © Joanna Kossak)

London Stone Price Freeze For 2020

Over the last eighteen months, we have reviewed our prices and have put in place cost-control methods that mean in 2020, and for the second successive year, we have been able to freeze our prices.

Careful analysis of our expenditure and sustainable cost management has meant that we have been able to say goodbye to annual wholesale  price increases. Freezing prices using this method has meant that we have not had to compromise on quality. This means better value for money for you, but also the same quality you have come to expect from London Stone. Freezing prices not only puts moneys back into your pocket: it also gives you peace of mind for your business for the year ahead. Knowing that this is such a large part of our agenda means that you can be rest assured that we have your profit margin at heart.

Our e-commerce website is just one part of how we are offering better value and better service than ever before

About Our Outstanding Customer Service

Our customers have always, and will continue to, come first.
Across the industry we are renowned for our superior customer service - we pride ourselves on this. Winning BALI’s 2018 Affiliate Exceptional Service Principal Award was the icing on a cake that took a few years to bake!

The London Stone sales team have recently undertaken practical training at The Landscape Academy in Cheshire, to help improve their knowledge of laying natural stone and porcelain. We feel that this training will help them continue to offer you superior service on the phone and in our showrooms.

The decisions we make regarding our pricing and offers are made with you in mind. We know that putting money back in your pocket will directly increase your profit margins. Who wouldn’t be happy about increased profit margins? Whether you are ordering online, over the phone or in one of our showrooms you will receive the same outstanding customer service. After all, our customers our at the center of everything we do.

London Stone Price Freeze For 2020

This scheme from NLG Landscaping - incorporating Beige Sawn Sandstone paving, steps, and copings, would cost you the same today as it would've in 2018

Final Word

We want to be your go-to destination when looking for quality materials and products when creating beautiful outdoor spaces. We'll continue to offer outstanding customer service, and quality products at outstanding value. We want to keep our position at the forefront of industry advancements and will continue to review what we can do for our customers.
In next week’s blog, we’ll tell you more ways in which our service offer is helping to put money back into your pocket!

Published 20th February 2020
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