A One-Stop Shop For Your Porcelain Paving Needs

What takes up a niggling amount of your day? Okay, there are lots of things, we know, but one bugbear we’re sure everyone experiences is sourcing materials. Right? That really irritating job of having to find all the different components for a job from different suppliers?

Danscape Gardens Slab Khaki Two (1)

Porcelain paving is a case in point. Lots of suppliers have launched a range of this increasingly popular paving, but new materials often need new accessories. Which is why, with that irritating niggle in mind, at London Stone we’ve gone a step further. Whatever you need to lay your Porcelain paving, we’ve got it.

First up, choice. With twenty-eight different colours and styles available, including wood-effect, cement, and Porcelain equivalents of the most popular Natural Stone paving, we modestly suggest London Stone has a choice for every project.

But not only paving.  We’re unique in offering standard step treads and coping stones to match our entire range, including our brand-new addition of a 40mm bullnose profile. Just because you asked us for them.

And don’t forget, we’re even offering free nationwide delivery on Porcelain (and Sawn Stone) orders over £500 + VAT for the whole of 2017!

40mm Bullnose Steps

But choosing a material is just the beginning; now it has to be laid.

Porcelain is supremely hard-wearing, with very little porosity and its tile-like properties lead some to think that it can only be laid on a concrete bed.

Not so. Porcelain is just as happy on sand-and-cement as natural stones with low-porosity like Granite and Slate. Which obviously makes you think immediately of Slurry Primer or, if you prefer, Bond Bridge, to help it adhere to the bedding layer.

We’ve found Larsen Streetscape PS Primer ideal for large areas (it comes in 25kg bags), or SBR Bond Bridge for small areas, as its re-sealable carton means you won’t waste any.


However, if you do want to lay onto a concrete base, perhaps where your Porcelain unites indoor and outdoor areas, Ardex adhesives have you covered. They also work well around swimming pools where you expect a lot of dampness.

Porcelain-Blade-125mm with label (4)

Few sites are completely uniform in shape and size, but the need to trim a few slabs to size shouldn’t require a search through yet another equipment catalogue. Our high-quality stainless steel blades - and we recommend a new blade for every job so that every client enjoys a professionally smooth finish - give you the thin, precise cut you need, whether you favour using a small grinder, large grinder or petrol saw.

Ardex Pointing Colour Chart new

Finally, grouting. Many different styles of Porcelain require many different pointing-options, which is why we offer an extended range of thirteen Ardex-Flex FL Grouts, chosen specifically with our Porcelain paving in mind. Ardex-Flex FL Grout gives a sleek finish that works with joints from 3mm to 15mm wide, and incorporates an admix to speed application.

So, there you are. Add-in the fact that we also supply all the ancillaries (floats, sponges etc.) you’ll require during installation; we’ve given you everything you need. Your one-stop-shop for all things Porcelain.

Golden Stone Porcelain THe Outdoor Room by Ann Marie Powell One (18)

We can’t resist mentioning just one more bonus. Our stone masons have built-up a rather awe-inspiring understanding of how to work with Porcelain (let’s face it, they can engrave it too!), so if you have any questions, please ask. We’re confident we’ll have the answers.

In fact, if you have any questions right now, why not give us a ring or use the Live Chat feature at the top of this page?

Published 31st August 2017
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