Limebok Landscaping Takes DesignBoard To A New Level - by using DesignBoard in a clever way, you might be surprised by the end result. Providing grey composite decking ideas that are sure to inspire. 

DesignBoard Decking London Stone Limebok

A multi-purpose modern design from Limebok Landscaping incorporates DesignBoard in imaginative ways.

It’s the ability to create the finer details that tie a design together, which adds magic to a garden. And that’s exactly what Brett Penny of Limebok Landscaping, based in Hemel Hempstead, has done with a garden design that had to have a bit of everything in it for clients who want to dine, relax and entertain outdoors and still keep a lawn for the children.

The result is a modern multi-purpose garden, incorporating design features that tie-in all the elements - from patio, barbecue and fire-pit near the house, up a change in level to the lawn and garden room.

Creating textural contrast to porcelain and granite paving is our DesignBoard composite decking. Brett chose a combination of Luna, Charcoal and Mocha colours to complement the paving and to link visually with the more distant garden room.

What’s also interesting is that, by using the Luna and Charcoal, Brett’s also melded with the window frames and down-pipes, adding them to the geometric lines of the design and so uniting the house with the horizontals and verticals of the garden.

DesignBoard Seating Mocha Limebok London Stone

Charcoal and Luna DesignBoard create the screening behind the fire-pit, while Mocha DesignBoard provides warm colour in the fire-pit itself.

Although DesignBoard is predominantly used as garden decking, we’ve been fascinated to see how Brett has shown how very versatile it can be while retaining its easy-to-fit character.

“I wanted to cover an ugly fence to be in keeping with the rest of garden and came up with an idea to make it look contemporary.” The result is horizontally slatted screening in Charcoal and Luna. “The DesignBoard colours are perfect,” adds Brett, “and match the porcelain and granite.”

Limebok London Stone DesignBoard

DesignBoard creates a perfect plinth to accentuate the bar and entertaining area.

These composite decking boards use a metal clip system. “I love it. I think out of all the hidden clip systems that it’s the best one we’ve used. There’s quite a small joint too.” You might think that Brett assembled the fencing on the horizontal and then raised the whole into place, but no. “I built a framework as you do with fencing, but with bit more support in between, and with the framework in, clipped the DesignBoard onto that.”

Below one of the screens is the fire-pit. Not only is it decked with Mocha DesignBoard, but Brett has created matching benches, with LED strip lighting attached to the frame beneath to flood the space with light. Linking the fire-pit to the barbecue area is Mocha decking with inset up-lighters. “It’s really simple to put lighting in, just like timber,” says Brett.

The Mocha colouring tones with the cladding on the barbecue, as well as the brickwork of the house and garden building. He’s also gone the extra mile to create less obvious detail. Not only is Mocha DesignBoard commandeered for the ceiling of the barbecue, but also the doors to the cupboard. “The doors were a little bit more fiddly,” says Brett. “The framework was trickier.”

DesignBoard Limebok Walling Seating London Stone

Shielding an unsightly fence for cosy nights around the fire-pit - DesignBoard creates the perfect backdrop.

However, as you can see from the pictures, it’s all tied together rather well. So well that Brett has entered it for an APL Award next year. And he’ll have no hesitation in using DesignBoard again. “I love it,” he says. “It’s got a really clean contemporary look to it, is simple to use; I can’t fault it.”

Of course, we’re delighted to see DesignBoard inspiring such high-quality design. If you're inspired by these grey composite decking ideas and you’ve an idea of how you’d like to use it and would like to discuss it with us, then do give us a call. In the meantime, we wish Brett lots of luck in the APL Awards.