Keep Paving Simple

I have just returned from a week in Malaga and was very impressed with the paving and flooring around the airport.  Inside and out they have used approx 1000x1000 pieces of silver grey granite laid in a grid format.  The surface finish of the outside paving is flamed while the inside is polished.  The grid design is uncomplicated, installation will have been very simple and the overall spec is no frills.  The whole project must have been a dream for everybody involved in the design, procurement and construction.  The granite was also probably sourced from Spain which is refreshing.

It is also interesting to see the paving material used on the streets of the tourist areas in the costa del sol.  In Los Bolices for example the main paving material is multicoloured cast concrete slabs, the type of thing you would find in the budget section of the Garden Paving range at your local builders merchants.  Unlike in the UK where we use the finest quality Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving, or in the case of Brixton town centre ultra expensive French Limestone.  I have got nothing against Brixton in particular but it seems wrong to use imported French Limestone which costs north of £200 per m2, especially in times of recession.  At the risk of sounding short sighted you would expect our councils and local authorities to be supporting British quarries in these tough economic times.

By London Stone Blog | Published 5th January 2011
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