Impress your clients at London Stone’s new showrooms

Imagine this scenario. You’ve had a high-level meeting with a company CEO, and he (or she) likes your proposals. He needs to come with you to see materials first-hand.


You met him in a smart boardroom. It had a view, a coffee machine and air-conditioning. You take him to a supplier who has a draughty site cabin and your CEO has to seat himself on the edge of a table.

How might that affect the project?

Dean Bailey of Lush Design and Construction recently brought a client to our West London Showroom. He was with the CEO of a pretty substantial company and afterwards we asked him what they’d thought of the experience.

“He was very impressed with the whole experience,” says Dean. “It’s such a nice environment. One, it impressed the client, and two, it helped us upsell some product, which is good for us.”


It’s a no-brainer, we think. Put people in relaxing surroundings, where you have the space and time to discuss matters and browse, and they’ll open up and listen. Not only that, but if we give your client a good experience in a professional-looking environment where you can see all the products and get all the answers you need, it should help them feel comfortable with you and to trust your judgment.

“The service, the coffee… Just excellent,” adds Dean. “Usually you’re in a tatty old office building, falling over stuff on the floor. It reflects well on you, when you’re known somewhere like London Stone. At the showroom, he was very impressed.”

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Pro Landscaper Magazine visiting our West London Showroom

To be honest, we’re really chuffed. That is exactly what we wanted—somewhere you can feel proud to bring your clients, that shows we respect you as a customer and provides you with exactly what you need, somewhere you can trust us to make your client feel comfortable.

“It’s future shopping,” says Dean. “It’s how I believe others will follow.”

We couldn’t have wished for a more ringing endorsement, and all offered without a sniff of a knuckle-duster! Thank you, Dean.

If you haven’t seen our new showrooms already, please come and see what Dean’s talking about. And tell us if you agree.

By London Stone Blog | Published 30th June 2016
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