Off-the-shelf copings and step treads increase your productivity

Imagine the scene. You're buying a suit. The assistant says: “Yes, sir/madam. All jackets available immediately. Trousers? Sorry, you'll have to wait six weeks.”

Wouldn't happen, would it? (Or if it does, honestly, you need to shop elsewhere!). When you want to wear a suit, you want to wear it now.


Our range of Black Basalt Copings


It's that sort of thing which started us thinking. Why would you expect only half your paving needs to be met at one time? It didn't make sense. And that's why we extended our range of off-the-shelf coping and step treads. Not having to factor in lead times for on our most popular paving stones makes your clients happy, gives you more flexibility and lets you get on with the job. Your feedback has told us it's a great help, not only in budgeting for projects but in making scheduling easier.


Here's what Chris James of Graduate Landscapes said:


“Off-the-shelf products like the bullnosed step treads give designs a quality estate feel but reduce the need to wait long periods for material to arrive. This helps oil the wheels on complicated constructions. A great solution to our modern-day problems.”

Graduate Landscapes Bespoke Buff Yorkstone Steps Two 1

A Project by Graduate Landscapes using Buff Yorkstone Steps and Copings


From the creamy Beige Sawn Sandstone, so popular for modern minimalist design to the dark sophistication of Black Basalt, via riven Sandstone, Slate, Travertine and Granite, you can quote faster and pick up the coping stones and step treads you need, when you need them.




Our new range of Porcelain is just as convenient. With a practical chamfer or simple pencil round edge, step treads and coping stones are available off-the-shelf in all the current eleven colours and, with our range of colours expanding soon, there'll be even more choice for a fast and easy turn-around for your clients' projects.


We're just trying to make your life easier!

By London Stone Blog | Published 7th July 2016
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