London Stone Showrooms—designed for the way you work

Small details matter. Every landscaper and designer knows that it's attention to detail that really makes the difference to the finished project. Which is why something so apparently insignificant as putting a moving arm on a computer screen can make everyone's life easier.


In our newly refurbished showroom in West London, we put enormous thought into exactly what you and our staff needed to get the job done. Showroom Manager, Anthony Macson gave us some feedback:


“With the iPads showing our stock, design projects you can bring up on the big screen, even monitors on movable arms—it means we can turn screens so that everyone can see—it's easy to interact with customers.”


There's air-conditioning, too, which has helped concentration on the horribly hot and humid days we've had recently.


It's all about getting to know how our customers work, what you want and providing it. We've got plenty of experience in understanding your business needs, which is why we set up the London Stone Trade Club. But who knew Tropicana fruit juice would be so popular out of the showroom fridge? With coffee, fresh fruit, even beer, there's something for everyone and a copy of The Times, should you want to quiet moment.


“We've had lots of positive feedback,” says Anthony. “A landscape designer came in with their client on a Friday afternoon recently, had coffee, cold refreshments. They were in here and looking outside for 1½ hours.”


If you'd like a more private area, don't forget our meeting rooms, available at every showroom.  “We've got three spaces,” said Anthony. “The seats in the main showroom where you can have non-confidential conversations, the meeting room and a smaller room for when you want more of a huddle.”


The meeting rooms are bookable so you can take your clients straight there. All you have to do is get in touch with your nearest showroom.


We've already stocked up on the Tropicana!

Published 15th June 2016
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