Commitment To Exterior Paving

London Stone made the decision last month to discontinue our interior natural stone range.  It was not a particularly difficult decision for us to make.  Its no secret that myself and the fellow London Stone Directors come from hard landscaping backgrounds.  Coming from landscaping backgrounds has always given us a great understanding of the industry and London Stone has always been focused towards exterior natural stone paving.  We did launch an interior stone range 3 years ago which for various reasons never had quite the same success or impact as the paving side of the business.  We decide that we wanted to focus all of our efforts and attention on the exterior paving and that's why we came to the decision.  London Stone are now fully focused on increasing our range of sawn paving and expanding our capacity to produce bespoke exterior natural stone.  We also plan to invest more into our Yorkstone paving production with the objective of supplying cut to size Yorkstone Paving off the shelf.

By London Stone Blog | Published 31st July 2013
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