Calibrated Indian Sandstone Paving

London Stone have delivered on our 2010 commitment to calibrate all of our Indian Sandstone Paving.  The mechanisation of the Indian Sandstone industry is well underway and the majority of importers are now supplying calibrated sandstone paving.  Most companies in the UK are supplying stone at a calibrated thickness of 22mm but London Stone have bucked the trend with all of our stone being calibrated to a thickness of 25mm.  All the stone we now supply (except our Diamond Sawn Yorkstone which is supplied in a range of different thicknesses) in now calibrated to 25mm and this list includes Granite, Travertine, Slate and Sawn Paving.  At London Stone we believe that 22m is not an adequate thickness for Exterior Stone Paving which is why we opted to be different and go for 25mm stone.

By London Stone Blog | Published 10th May 2011
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