Brush in jointing compounds

We are currently piloting two different types of brush in jointing compounds.  At the start of the year we were keen to start supplying these sweep in compounds, however after we have field tested a couple of different types we have noticed one potential problem.  The problem is that it leaves a residue on the surface of the stone, the look not dissimilar to that of if the stone had been sealed.  We have been reliably informed by the manufacturers that this is only a temporary phenomenon which will fade away after three months.  But even so I cannot imagine that people would want to tolerate that glossy, shiny surface, even if it was only for three months.  One of the most attractive elements of natural stone paving is the weathering process and the subtle variation in colour from season to season.  Using a brush in compound would detract from this look, if only temporarily.

What I would say in favour of the brush in compounds is that the process of pointing becomes extremely fast.  In addition to this the final result is rock hard with little chance of any flaking

Afraid the jury is still out on the brush in compounds.  Would welcome anybody's thoughts on the subject

Steve Walley (Director)

By London Stone Blog | Published 4th May 2010
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