Bespoke Natural Stone Can Be Simple & Easy

London Stone share a work site with an internal natural stone fabrication company.  I was walking by their yard yesterday when I heard the unmistakable sound of a chisel striking a piece of stone.  I was intrigued to see what the stone mason was working on and decided to walkover and take a look.  When I arrived I saw that the stone mason was creating, by hand, large feature stones.  The process was so simple and easy and at the same time, unbelievably effective.  I thought it was a superb example of how versatile natural stone paving can be.  It also shows what can be done with natural stone with a little bit of imagination.

The stone used in this case is internal sawn limestone.  Grooves are cut in the stone at a distance of every 10mm.  The grooves are cut accurately and to a consistent depth.  Then using a standard chisel, the grooves are chipped off.  This reveals a beautifully textured piece of stone.  You could quite easily imagine that a stone mason could work for days to create a piece of this nature but in reality its something that can be achieved in a couple of hours by a skilled mason.  This process could be carried out on any type of stone, whether it be sawn sandstone, slate, travertine, anything.  It just goes to show that by thinking outside the box, you can create unique bespoke stone pieces




By London Stone Blog | Published 9th October 2013
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