Bargain Natural Stone Paving

London Stone run auctions on eBay every week offering a variety of natural stone paving, natural stone tiles and stone accessories.  All businesses will have surplus stock, damaged material and end of line products, these types of products form the basis of what we sell on our eBay shop.  Last week we sold 15m2 of brand new Sawn Yorkstone Paving for £180.  We also regularly sell slightly defected Sawn Paving on the eBay shop as well.  eBay after all is the worlds biggest market place and there is nowhere better to sell these types of products. So if you are looking for natural stone but your budget is low, it is well worth checking out the eBay shop.  So far we have had 100% positive feedback which says that we must be doing something right.

By London Stone Blog | Published 16th May 2011
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