When a client wanted top-quality materials for their raised patio, Ravenstone Garden Services turned to us. We show you the stunning result.

Drone view of large house with Beige sawn sandstone wrap-around patio, swimming pool and huge lawn.
Beige sawn sandstone creates a clean, fresh look for this impressive wrap-around patio, designed and built by Ravenstone Garden Services.

This was a major project by anyone’s standards. The attractive 5-bedroomed property had been completely renovated, with close attention to detail, and the client wanted an outdoor living space to match. No detail was to be overlooked and the client was absolutely insistent that the outdoor areas must match the quality of the interior design.

This is when Will Pulford, of Ravenstone Garden Services Ltd, turned to us.  “London Stone provides a wide range of first-class products, and we were confident that our client would appreciate them immediately,” he says. The result, as you can see, is a stunning raised patio area wrapping around the building, with different areas for different activities.

Paving a raised patio

Corner of Beige sawn sandstone raised patio, wrapped around brick house, with bullnose steps descending to lawn.
Bullnose steps add a classic design detail which complements the elegance of the sandstone.

Will used our Beige sawn sandstone paving for the property’s wrap-around patio. This beautiful stone has an even colour and texture that speaks of quality. It also creates a light contrast to the rich red brick of the building, while tying in perfectly with the white windows and doors. Will supplemented its elegance with bullnosed steps for the descent to the spacious lawn on three sides of the property.

The design also includes in-built planting beds with structural planting and low-level lighting to add highlights as dusk arrives. There’s a woodland area and dedicated play area for children and, in addition, mature trees and hedging were planted along the perimeter of the garden. This immediately created a panorama with character and gave instant impact to the design.

Mint cladding for contrast

Raised bed faced with Mint sandstone cladding makes retaining wall to large raised patio.
The Mint sandstone cladding creates a trio of textures with the pebbles and Beige sawn sandstone, while the coping helps unite the design.

To make the most of this panorama, the raised beds contain low-level and airy planting. This maintains an open view of the surrounding spaces. The retaining wall to the raised patio, which combines with raised beds to create a terrace effect, is faced with our Mint sandstone cladding.

This is an absolutely classic combination, with the stone cladding providing texture in contrast to the smooth appearance of Beige sawn sandstone, as well as darker, complementary tones. You can find a similar combination—of Mint setts and Jura Beige limestone—in our look at large patio designs. The walls are topped with Beige sawn sandstone coping and this helps unite the beds with the raised patio area and steps.

Why composite decking is ideal for the swimming pool area

Sofa under pergola with view over hot tub and swimming pool to boundary hedge.
The Chestnut Brushed and Grooved composite decking provides a warm foundation for this section of the raised patio.

A large expanse is often enhanced by zoning. Will used our Chestnut Brushed composite decking to distinguish the swimming pool area from the rest of the raised patio. It complements the sandstone paving, but provides both textural and tonal contrast. 

Our Brushed DesignBoard decking is reversible, offering a Grooved alternative when turned over. The grooved side, laid around the swim spa and hot tub, adds extra grip to prevent slipping on wet feet, making it an ideal choice.

The composite decking was installed on top of a floating frame. Choosing this construction means that Ravenstone could sink the tub and spa deep into the structure. Again, this allows an uninterrupted view, this time from the seating under the pergola. It also creates a low-maintenance construction that, cunningly, includes hidden service hatches. These access the infrastructure hidden beneath, making maintenance easy.

Smoothing the path

Corner of large raised patio with surrounding retaining bed faced with Mint sandstone cladding. Swimming pool beyond.
The fully realised project makes a great combination of Mint sandstone cladding, and Beige sawn sandstone paving, bullnose steps and coping.

Will’s very proud of his team’s work on this huge project and we’re delighted to have been able to help out. The weather was particularly challenging, but he highlights the seamless process he enjoyed with us throughout.

“The superior quality of the paving, composite decking and cladding options gave our client plenty of choices. This made a smooth decision-making process for what was a comprehensive landscaping project,” says Will.

Discover more

We’re every bit as delighted with the outcome of this huge project. A Beige sawn sandstone design is always special. But it is expensive. For a similar feel on a budget, check out our cream porcelain colours. If you’d like help choosing materials for your own garden project, whatever the size and budget, why not visit one of our showrooms around the country? Alternatively, browse our product pages, where you can order samples or purchase online, or give us a call. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and are ready to help with all your  queries.

With thanks to Ravenstone Garden Services for their help in creating this article.