Last week saw the grand opening of The Smart Garden. It's the first of its kind, not only the UK but in Europe. But what is the concept behind it?

The home cinema sits in a wall of our Dark Mocha DesignClad

The concept behind the creation

The Smart Garden is the brainchild of Potter Home Digital, a leading smart technology company in the UK, and Laura Anstiss of Oakmore Green, an RHS award winning garden designer. This collaboration seamlessly integrates industry-leading technology with the tranquillity of award-winning garden design.

Potter Home Digital wanted to create a garden that maximised the space many of us have available, especially after their discovery of a recent US study that found that, for many homeowners looking to renovate their gardens, the top 10 most important factors they considered were based in technology. Emphasis was placed on elements such as lighting, audio, video, WiFi, charging and more.

Our Chestnut Composite Battens create a sense of privacy around the kitchen and garden room

Potter Home Digital chose to work alongside hand-picked industry leaders to create a state-of-the-art permanent show garden and showroom. Their partners in this project include London Stone, as well as in-wall speaker companies. We all focused on creating something truly special.

Details of the garden

By collaborating with an award-winning garden designer, it meant that the technology could be integrated into the garden and hidden when not in use. Laura designed the garden and then the tech was created to fit into the design.

Everything at the press of a button

The garden itself features an outdoor cinema, that is set within a wall of our Dark Mocha DesignClad. Hidden by automated doors, it is completely waterproof. When it's not in use, visitors would not know an outdoor cinema existed. There's no difficult set up when you want to use it, though. It can be simply activated using the smart device or voice control.

There is a hidden speaker system within the planting and flower beds, integrated lighting throughout the garden, and a smart water feature. All these are controlled by the central controller. With simply a press of a button the whole garden can be transformed into an immersive entertainment or cinema space.

Our Slab Khaki Porcelain Paving enhances the modern feel of the garden

Other features include an outdoor kitchen, complete with wine fridge, pizza oven, Big Green Egg BBQ, and even a sink.

Throughout the garden you will find our Slab Khaki Porcelain Paving, which perfectly works with the modern ambiance. Our Chestnut Screening Battens, in size 50x20x3600, create a private setting, an ideal requirement for the home cinema setting.

Smart technology for ease and safety

The Garden Room that has been added is also completely fitted with smart technology. Whether used as a office, a gym, or as an additional room to relax, its lighting, blinds and functions can all be changed and adjusted to match the task. The technology is based on the theory of human scientific lighting, to help you focus on the task in hand, or fully relax.

There is also, of course, smart CCTV throughout the garden. With an automatic entry panel and an AI tripwire that, if breached, automatically switches the lighting to full, occupants of this garden will be completely safe.

Potter Home Digital told us they want to create something that makes guests say, “Wow, I didn’t know that was possible.” Despite delays caused by Covid, Potters have certainly achieved their goal. All aspects of the garden are controlled by a keypad at the back door, with pre-set buttons all ready to go for the outdoor cinema, kitchen area, lighting and more. This means that as soon as you step into the garden, it is ready for you.

More About The Companies Behind The Concept

Potter Home Digital offer a full service for those looking to create their own smart garden. Customers can visit The Smart Garden showroom and get an immersive feel for what they can bring to their own home.
Potters will sit with you to discuss your requirements, develop a brief, and help you decide on what options to choose. With site visits and 3D renders, clients get a feel for how their garden will look before it is created. Laura would also be involved from the design aspect, to bring that show garden feel. Assistance would be provided to help find an APL-approved landscaper to build the garden.

This means that clients have just one point of contact when creating their own smart garden. Potters take the lead, from concept to installation, to handover and demonstrations and even to aftercare. Their intention for the business model is to be ground-breaking and aimed at the ultra-high end of the market.

Our Dark Mocha DesignClad is perfect for the flower beds around the seating area

What’s Next For The Garden?

This garden is to be a permanent show garden. Customers can visit, view and find plenty of inspiration for their own home. For those unable to view the garden in person, there will soon be an interactive tour of the garden coming to Potter Home Digital website.

The garden is set to be entered into multiple award categories, across the various overlapping industries involved. Its goal is to be a multi-award winning garden, so keep an eye out.