Why Millboard Solves Decking Problems

The enthusiasm for decking has never really gone away. Since its explosion onto the hard-landscaping scene during the Groundforce years, decking has been first choice for many garden designs. But, of course, we all know its downsides and home-owners have gradually recognised what they are – the algae, the slipperiness, the chicken-wire remedy (so stylish) and the required cleaning and treatment.


patio extèrieur

Charred Composite Millboard

One of the reasons why we're so happy to stock Millboard as it does away with all that, but it looks every bit as good—and often better—than the real thing.


The Science Bit


The secret lies in its unique resin composition and anti-fungal, non-porous Lastane®  finish, which was inspired by the non-slip soles of shoes. What's the difference between Millboard and the many wood-composite boards out there? Sales Director Guy Douglass explains, “Wood-composite boards – a mix of wood and plastic – originated in the States and were designed to overcome issues like painting (which they like to do there). With wood-plastic you still get algae, as algae grows on protein in the timber, and it can get slippery and colours fade.”


Millboard Wethered Oak Vintage Two 1

Vintage Composite Millboard


The starting point for Millboard was to design a material that would solve these problems, and shrug off the challenges posed by the instability of Britain's weather. What you see today is the result of years of research and refinement. “We have the highest anti-slip rating,” adds Guy.


Making it Real


The icing on the cake of any garden design, however, has to be attention to detail. It makes something good into something great, even though it might be through subtle touches that you don't consciously notice.


Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak Two 1

Smoked Oak Composite Millboard


Guy explains how Millboard is created: “It's moulded, not extruded, so it has the most natural grain, and the moulded boards are finished by hand, to bring the fine-grain detail up and then hand-coloured to create the nuances of natural wood.”


Each Millboard range has been moulded from real boards, handpicked by director Jerry Douglass who looks for plenty of character in grain and knots. The Weathered range had a particularly colourful start. These were moulded from hundred-year-old boards that originated as the floor of a French railway carriage. Discovered in deepest rural France, the boards were borrowed for copying and returned. We'd like to have heard the conversation opener that persuaded the owner to create a hole in his floor while this was done!


Millboard Lasta Grip Coppered Oak Two 2

Coppered Oak Lasta Grip Composite Millboard


To add to the authentic feel, each range is based on around four to five boards which, along with the hand-colouring, ensures there's no sense of repeating pattern. Many of you have already told us that Millboard is your decking of choice and when you look at the detail that goes into its production and its good looks, it's easy to see why. If you happen to be at RHS Chelsea in the next couple of days, you can see Millboard in action around the Belmond British Pullman carriage on the Bowdens stand in the Great Pavilion.


To see the full range, Millboard is on display in all our showrooms around the M25. If you haven't used it before, come and take a closer look, relax and chat over the possibilities with our knowledgeable showroom staff.


Published 26th May 2016
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