Laser templating makes steps easy

Laser templating—one of the services we offer to make your job quicker—was demonstrated, unbelievably, almost a year ago, at Futurescape. Our Design Project Manager, Piotr Przytula, drew quite a crowd as he expertly put the laser through its paces.

Buff sandstone patio 2

As this service is around since almost 3 years now, we thought you’d like a peek at some of the projects Piotr has been called out to survey.

It’s not all pool copings! Obviously, those are a popular feature for templating service, at least where voluptuous curves are involved, but we’ve had some super designs to survey, without a drop of water in sight.

11 (2)

First up, this sinuous, multi-level scheme, designed by the customer. Granite setts were used to fill in the two patios with spiral and circular patterns, while reclaimed bricks kept the terracing in tune with the boundary walls. Then, toning with the Reclaimed Yorkstone paving, we had Buff Yorkstone copings and steps emphasising the smooth curves that frame the patios. It’s a clever design that makes the small area feel spacious and you might think it would take quite a time to template but, using both laser and traditional methods, Piotr got it all sorted in an impressive 120 minutes.

Buff Sandstone patio

This terrace in Buff Sandstone needed coping stones and twice-weathered pier caps to finish the detail, and you’ll note that the corners weren’t quite right angles. Laser templating ensured a perfect fit, not only on top of the brickwork, but also where the paving snuggled up next to it.

Buff Sandstone 3 with laser templating

And finally, just to show we can do straight lines too, what you see below is the CAD visualisation of granite cladding for some very plain and unattractive concrete steps.

CAD of granite steps

Laser templating got the precise measurements of the step strings, risers and step treads, not forgetting the 40mm overhang and, to make the cladding as light as possible, the granite was calibrated to 20mm.

19 (1) granite steps

The result? A very smart set of steps that just ooze quality.

Laser templating can provide a massive relief from the headache of precision measuring and perfect maths, and with Piotr now out surveying sites every week, it’s evident that more and more of you enjoy being released from the burden of getting every measurement is absolutely right.

Next time you have some complicated curves (or straight lines!) to make perfect, come and ask us how we can help.

Published 6th October 2016
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