London Stone’s Landscape Consultant, Jamie Norris

Introducing London Stone’s newest Landscape Consultant, Jamie Norris

“If you say you’re going to do something, then make sure you do it. Don’t make empty promises.” You might be able to spot in the words of our newest Landscape Consultant, Jamie Norris, why he’s slotted so well into working at London Stone since he joined us in April this year.

London Stone's Mirage Sawn Sandstone providing a pool coping on a scheme that Jamie has supplied


What also is a huge bonus is that Jamie has a very comprehensive background in all aspects of the manufacturing processes of landscaping materials and then spent many years as a technical consultant, advising customers and resolving problems. This means he possesses a great deal of knowledge which can help you anticipate potential problems and avoid them before they happen.

Joining us, we’re glad to say, has made life easier for Jamie, too, as he used to spend the majority of his time dealing with customer problems. “I’ve had hardly any with London Stone,” he says. “It’s a breath of fresh air.”

Jamie (third from left) show clients around London Stone's Bespoke Stone Centre


In some ways it’s surprising that Jamie, who’s more than happy to stop off at a new housing development to chat to the landscapers, hasn’t been at the sales end of the landscaping business longer. “I like making sales calls. It’s an opportunity,” he says. “My dad was a great salesman. Perhaps it’s in the blood!”

For London Stone’s newest Landscape Consultant, Jamie, though, the main impetus is not figures. “It’s getting to understand people, getting to know their business.” He also loves a good chat - ask him how he thinks Tottenham’s season is going! “I love meeting people. I love helping people. It could be for something worth £100 or £10,000. I’m just happy to be there to help people out.” 

Not just an office job! Jamie gets his hands 'dirty' on the tools at our Bespoke Stone Centre


Based at our showroom in Knockholt, Kent, in the few months since Jamie began, he’s been busy meeting old and new clients across his area, which stretches from West London, across Essex, Kent and Surrey and into Sussex. Essentially, like our other Landscape Consultants, Mandy Steed and Ryan Burge, he’s the person you can call when you need help at any stage with an order.

We’re delighted to have him on the team. “London Stone is the only paving company I would have joined,” he says. “I like the warmth of the company. It feels like one big family. But, also, London Stone as a business, it’s what I always wanted: we care about customers and it makes such a difference.”

If you feel that you would benefit from Jamie’s expertise, contact us via the usual channels. Jamie would love to speak with you!

Published 26th September 2019
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