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As part of our Landscape Specialist Scheme, we offer free training days, both on the site where you’re working and at our depot near Heathrow. It’s something we initiated immediately we realised how much the extra confidence they give is appreciated.

Onsite training means that, not only do you get the benefit of expert advice and demonstrations of the best way to use GftK pointing and Dry-Treat sealing products, but you learn at the same time as completing a job—so no wasted time, plus the reassurance that you’ll be using the products exactly as intended the first time you try them out.

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Carl Chaney took advantage of a GftK training day last year when he had 100m2 patio to install, including setts outlining the perimeter. “The GftK team arrived at eight sharp and were very professional and helpful with their teaching methods,” he says.

What he discovered was how easy the product is to use, how the look and colour suited the natural paving used, and how its self-levelling properties filled joints and voids evenly—all things you’ll find out without training, it’s true, but you can’t beat the watchful eye of an expert to give you confidence that you’re using the product to its best effect.

The whole area was completed in six hours, using two operatives. And if you’ve been wary of taking on a new product that is more expensive than traditional cement and sand, Carl also pointed out that, using the latter method, the area would have taken one to two weeks. “The extra cost [of GftK] is comfortably saved in labour costs,” he says.

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Also available for onsite training is Dry-Treat Sealing products. Complete a day with the Dry-Treat reps and you’ll be an accredited operative, able to offer your clients a warranty on sealing with these products—something which can only increase their confidence in your ability.

And all this is available when you sign up for our Landscape Specialist Scheme. If you’re not already a member, why not click through and sign up today?

In addition to onsite training, we also offer training days at our Langley Depot, just off the M4. On June 2nd, we’ll be presenting a comprehensive rundown on how to cut and install Porcelain, so don’t miss next week’s blog for more information.

By London Stone Blog | Published 3rd May 2017
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