Floating Granite Ball Natural Stone Water Feature

London Stone have just completed the installation of a floating granite sphere water feature.  The polished granite sphere weighs approx 1 ton and sits above a polished granite base. Water pressure created by a pump slightly lifts the natural stone sphere and it can then be rotated by hand.   The water feature is a real talking point and nobody can pass it without taking a further look.  We have laid Moleanos Limestone natural stone paving around the water feature which provides a striking colour contrast.  Alternatively it could be laid in conjunction with slate paving, the options are endless.  Water features bring gardens to life and always provide a point of interest.  London stone stock a range of water features and complimenting styles of natural stone paving.  If you would like to see any of the London Stone water features in action please come down to our paving showroom at junction 14 of the M25.

By London Stone Blog | Published 15th November 2010
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