Beware of Using Acid to Clean Mortar Stains From Natural Stone Paving

It’s inevitable that there will be mortar spills during the installation of natural stone paving.  The best solution to mortar spills is to keep a bucket of water and sponge close to hand and to immediately clean the stone paving, should any mortar be spilled.  However what happens if the mortar is allowed to dry onto the paving?  It is some times possible to use acid to remove mortar from certain stones.  We have always found materials like Indian Sandstone & Yorkstone paving are very hardy and if acid is properly diluted it can be used to remove mortar.  I would always say that the acid should be heavily diluted and the strength slowly increased if required.  You should always test any acid on a small inconspicuous area of patio.  Always take professional advice before using acid to clean stone paving.  Limestone paving is a completely different story though.  Under no circumstances should any acid based cleaning products be used on any type of limestone paving.  When installing limestone its essential that mortar spills are cleaned from the stone instantly, so keep that bucket of water close to hand and if there are any mortar spills, wipe them up immediately

By London Stone Blog | Published 22nd January 2014
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