Rapid Porcelain & Stone Adhesive White

Rapid Porcelain & Stone Adhesive White

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Rapid Porcelain & Stone Adhesive White is a rapid-setting adhesive for use with porcelain and natural stone. White cement-based, this outdoor tile adhesive is highly polymer modified, and fast-setting. This Norcros S1 Tile Adhesive has a working time of up to sixty minutes, and takes just three minutes to set. Before buying, we recommend that all customers read our Product Guide.
Product TypeAdhesive
Product DetailNorcros Rapid Porcelain & Stone White S1 Tile Adhesive is a highly polymer modified fast setting white cement-based powder adhesive designed with increased flexural strength and extended open time for fixing all types of tiles including light coloured and translucent natural stone to a variety of building surfaces in internal, external and total immersion locations. The increased polymer level combined with fibres gives reinforced flexural and bond strength in addition to giving the adhesive crack bridging properties up to 3mm and also an extended pot life to improve workability. The adhesive has excellent thermal ageing properties and is particularly suitable for heated floors and strengthened timber floors. A further benefit of the adhesive is its anti-shrinkage properties, making it suitable for a bed thickness up to 10mm.
PackagingMultilayer paper bag
Material TypeCementitious coloured powder with polymers
Country Of OriginUK
Application MethodNotched Trowel
Application Surface Temperature5 - 30˚C
CoverageRefer to product calculator
Curing Time3 hours @ 20˚C
Storage & Shelf LifeStore in dry internal conditions away from direct sunlight between 5°C to 25°C. The product has a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture.
PPE RequirementsAvoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.
Recommended ForGrey for Porcelain & Stone, White for light coloured Natural Stone
Working Time>60 Minutes @ 20˚C
Bed Thickness2 - 10mm
Equipment RequiredBuckets, paddle mixer, water, sponges, notched trowel
Pointing PreparationAll surfaces should be dry, clean and strong enough to support the tiles to be fixed. Tiling substrates should be true and flat to permit fixing without visible lipping of tile edges. On floors, any gaps exceeding 3mm under a 2 metre straight edge should be corrected using a suitable Norcros Levelling Compound. This will be particularly appropriate where larger tiles or those with rectified edges are being installed. Porous or dusty surfaces must be sealed using Norcros Prime Bond diluted 1:4 with water.
MixingInto a clean pail add 1 part of cold water and gradually introduce approximately 3.5 parts of adhesive powder stirring to blend the mixed mortar to a smooth lump free consistency. The properly mixed mortar will be thick enough to hold the adhesive ribs without slumping. Mix only enough material that can be used within the pot life of the product which will be around 60 minutes - this will be extended in cold conditions and reduced in hot weather/ warm temperatures.
Application ProcessUsing a suitably notched trowel spread the adhesive onto the fixing surface to form parallel ribs into which the tiles should be applied with a firm twisting action. Spread only enough material that remains workable and as such fully wets out on the tile backing. Solid bed void free fixing will be necessary on floors and in wet areas. Tiles with deeply keyed back profiles may need to be back buttered. The adhesive is designed for thin bed fixing up to 10mm although in isolated areas it can be bedded out up to 12mm in thickness. Tiles may be grouted as soon as the adhesive bed is set. Under normal conditions this will be around 3 hours after fixing although this will be extended in cold conditions. Do not use below 5°C. Refer to the product guide for further information.
Cleaning ToolsWash all tools frequently to avoid material bonding to them
Cleaning During ApplicationAlways keep a clean sponge and water available for wiping off any excess or spillages from paving
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