Fuga Pave Permeable Bedding Mortar

Fuga Pave Permeable Bedding Mortar

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Our Fuga Pave Permeable Bedding Primer is ideal for laying a residential driveway or patio when using bedding mortar. Bedding primer is applied to the underside of paving units and used between the paving and bedding mortar to improve adhesion to the bedding mortar. The primer is generally applied just moments before the paving slab is positioned in place onto the prepared bed. The primer can also be used for ensuring features such as wall copings, pier caps, or step treads are securely fixed and do not become loose.
Product DetailFuga Pave Modified Mortar Additive has been specially designed to be mixed with sharp sand to provide a solution for laying all types of paving slabs, including porcelain to both hardcore and solid bases. The combination of fibres and specially formulated additives give improved bond strength over traditional cement: sand mortar mixes, as well as improving the overall performance, workability and freeze/thaw resistance of the fully mixed mortar. To ensure a strong bond is achieved, the backs of porcelain slabs/tiles must be primed using Fuga Pave Slurry Primer - Part B before laying.
PackagingMulti-layer paper bag
Material TypeCementitious coloured powder with polymers
Country Of OriginUK
Application MethodSpade/Trowel
Weight12.5 Kg
Application Surface Temperature3 - 25˚C
Coverage2m2 per bag
Curing Time4 hours @ 20˚C
Storage & Shelf LifeStore in dry internal conditions away from direct sunlight between 5-25˚C. The product has an 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture. It should be noted that puncturing the bag will cause the product to harden.
PPE RequirementsAvoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.
Recommended ForPorcelain & Natural Stone
Working Time60 Minutes @ 20˚C
Bed Thickness25mm
Install PreparationBefore commencing, it must be ensured that the sub-base is level and can fully support the paving slabs and that it will not be liable to settlement or lifting. Hardcore must be fully and tightly compacted. A gradual slope of about 25mm in every 1.5m shou
Equipment RequiredBuckets, paddle mixer, water, sponges, hand brush.
MixingBlend 75kg of sharp sand with 1 full bag of Mortar Additive (12.5kg) in a suitable mixer (6:1), ensuring that the Additive is thoroughly dispersed in the mix. Add sufficient water and mix until a smooth, lump-free mortar with a creamy consistency is achieved.
Application ProcessThe paving slab should be laid onto a full bed of Fuga-Pave Mortar Additive/ Sand mix (spot bedding or ‘dot and dab’ fixing is not recommended as voids beneath the slabs are points of weakness). The mixed mortar is suitable for a bed thickness of 25mm to 80mm. and has a setting time of around 24 hours.
Cleaning ToolsWash all tools frequently to avoid material bonding to them.
Cleaning During ApplicationAlways keep a clean sponge and water available for wiping off any excess or spillages from paving.
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