Bespoke Stone Services FAQs

Our Bespoke Stone Centre is well-known to landscapers and designers in the industry. Our in-house facility is staffed by our skilled stone masonry team operating state-of-the-art machinery. This means we can cut and finish slabs to the exact shape and size required. Our Bespoke Services also include bullnosing, profiling, radius cutting, sandblasting and polishing. Using our Bespoke Service can also add an extra something to a garden project that makes it unique to you, whether it’s an engraved paver, a bespoke step or coping stone or a special pier cap design.

FAQs — Bespoke Service

Is bespoke stone made in house?

The majority of the bespoke stone that we supply is cut and fabricated at our bespoke stone centre near to Heathrow. We can also source a wide range of bespoke materials directly from our global supply chains. The lead times for bespoke material cut in-house are typically 4-8 weeks while bespoke material from abroad can be 4-14 weeks. Generally European bespoke material is available in 4-6 weeks and any material from further afield like India and China takes 12-14 weeks