Your Garden Needs A Small Rattan Bistro Set

Little or large – why your garden needs a small rattan bistro set

A bistro set is not just for a small garden. Let us show you why you need this item of garden furniture, no matter what kind of outdoor space you have.

A rattan bistro set is the perfect addition to any garden.
The perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee or evening drink.

Small Gardens

This is, of course, the obvious place to start. A bistro dining set was made for these types of gardens! It’s the perfect space-saving option to allow those with even the smallest of gardens to enjoy the tranquillity of alfresco dining. Its compact size means that you can make the most of your existing space without having to compromise on attractive outdoor furniture. This clutter-free choice will make a stylish addition to a small space.


Again, a nice small rattan bistro set is ideal for a balcony. Generally speaking, balconies are not the largest of spaces; a bistro set is perfect for ensuring that you still have enough space to manoeuvre around your balcony whilst being able to enjoy the outdoor space. With a bistro set you can relax in the evenings with a glass of wine over a good meal, or enjoy a morning coffee in your outdoor space, without feeling restricted.

Relax and unwind in the garden on a rattan bistro set.
Relax and unwind enjoying your garden to the fullest.


A classic choice for a courtyard, a small rattan bistro set will recreate that classic cottage charm. Find the perfect sunny spot to position your bistro set. Surround it with plenty of wildflowers and sit back, relax and appreciate the nature around you. The ideal sun-trap for those warm summer days.

Large gardens

Your first thought, when it comes to larger gardens, may be larger furniture. There may be a better choice, though. A small rattan bistro set can be the perfect way to create a cosy little nook in a larger garden. You may feel the need to fill a larger space but picture a more intimate setting where you can enjoy dining with your favourite person. This would not be possible on a larger set. If your garden is large enough you can even consider getting two dining sets. With two sets you can create distinctive areas, one for entertaining friends and family around a larger set. The other set is for your private dining or enjoying a quiet glass of wine and reflection.

Our hope is that you will see just how versatile this choice of garden furniture is. There is no need to write off a rattan bistro set because of your outdoor space. Spare it a second thought and be open to its potential in your garden.

Published 11th June 2021
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