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We are often asked by our clients for ideas and inspiration of how they can use natural stone in their garden design.  We don't claim to be experts in the field of garden design but we do get to see lots of amazing landscaping projects carried out on a daily basis using our stone products.  I recently photographed a garden in South West London.. This particular project has been designed by Ben west of Landscaping Solutions LTD and is of such a high quality that it will be entered for a BALI principal award.  London Stone had supplied Buff Yorkstone for the paving and bench tops.  This was an interesting project for London Stone to be involved in as the client had very specific requirements for the stone.  The client had requested a very clear buff coloured Yorkstone and when Ben came to view the existing stock he was unhappy with the level of colour variation.  At this point it would have been easy for London Stone to walk away from the project but we felt with a little bit of effort we could source the right stone for the client.  We then contacted our Yorkstone suppliers and asked if they had any clear blocks available for delivery.  We were very luck as they had 2 blocks sitting in the yard.  We got the blocks delivered to our depot in West London and set about getting them cut up on the wire saw.  As soon as we started to cut the blocks we were delighted because the colour of the stone perfectly matched the clients specification.

This is one of the best things about buying British stone, the flexibility.  If this had been imported sandstone or limestone paving then it would have been a minimum of 8 weeks before we could have had any stone delivered.  The paving was cut into 900x600 slabs and we also produced bespoke bench tops with a pencil rounded edge profile.  We have been working with Landscaping solutions for the past 4 years and the quality of their finished work is exceptional.  They are also vastly experienced in the installation of natural stone paving.  Here are some photos of the finished project




By London Stone Blog | Published 18th June 2013
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