Spotlight on Kevin Clarke, London Stone's graphic designer

For this week’s blog post we talked to Kevin Clarke, our graphic designer, who keeps all the London Stone’s online and print media looking first class ensuring everything you see meets the company’s brand guidelines. He is responsible for the design of our brochure, which we know from customer feedback is used by landscapers and designers when giving presentations to clients. It is really the bible of all our paving and includes really comprehensive photos of all the paving stone ranges.

Amanda-ImageKevin has been at London Stone for the past two years and works closely with Rebecca and Steven Walley, the marketing team and the website developers. Although this is his first role in the landscaping materials industry, Kevin brings a wealth of experience in graphic design and the design programmes needed to produce progressive imagery. His role requires up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines. There is an increasing demand for creative marketing materials as the business grows and Kevin helps to keep the brand at the forefront of the paving industry.

The London Stone website is continuously evolving and Kevin is very involved with bringing all the various paving stone and coping stone pages to life. When a new range of patio slabs is introduced he ensures that the images and graphics on the new website page show the product off to best effect.

London Stone prides itself on customer service for each of our ranges – Indian sandstone, limestone, Yorkstone, Portland and Pennant, Travertine and granite – Kevin ensures the documentation meets our brand guidelines. This includes guides on sealing, pointing, maintenance and installation. Kevin has put together laying patterns which are available to view and download from all our product pages on the main website.

All in all, each of London Stone’s marketing materials from the humble stickers on the back of the samples to the large displays on our exhibition stands has been designed by Kevin and as new products are introduced and the company grows so his work increases.

By London Stone Blog | Published 3rd November 2014
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