Soft Sawn Sandstone Paving

Sawn Sandstone Paving has grown in popularity over the last 2 -3 years.  This has been a positive move for the natural stone industry and has given consumers a much wider choice of materials.  One negative development of Sawn Paving is that lots of incredibly soft sawn stones are popping up.  Stones like teak wood and rainbow are extremely soft which in the past have always been used for carving and handy-crafts are now being used for paving.  While these stones look impressive they are in fact very soft and will weather very quickly.  The main reason for their popularity is because they are extremely cheap.  What people don't realise is that by the time they have factored in the cost of sealing the paving then the price is not as cheap as first thought.  If you are planning to seal a patio then its important to use an impregnating sealant (unless you want a glossy, shiny patio).  The best 2 products on the market to do this are Lithofin MN Stain Stop & Dry-treat Stain Proof.  Another problem is that these cheap types of Sawn Paving will soak up copious amounts of sealant and customers will be lucky to get 5m2 coverage per litre.  This is why its important to ask the right questions before you go ahead and purchase your natural stone paving.  For example a hard stone like Raj Green Sandstone Paving which is less porous will need half as much sealant to cover the same area

By London Stone Blog | Published 30th November 2011
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