Natural Stone Paving Installation

London Stone have been on site in Warrington for the past two weeks with The Original Stone Paving Co watching a remarkable transformation take place.  The Original Stone Paving Co are busy installing 200m2 of Sawn granite tegular paving supplied by London Stone.  We have been there from the start and witnessed the site develop at a furious pace.  The main body of the garden paving is almost completed now and its possible to see all the different paving levels joining together.

Anybody could try and lay natural stone paving but to do it to a high standard takes skill and experience, especially when as in the photo above different levels are meeting together.  Its very important for the different levels to seamlessly connect.  In the photo above we can see the Black Basalt Sawn Paving meeting up with Silver Grey Sawn Granite Tegular Paving.  Areas like this where different levels meet together are highly defined and very visible to the eye, and when done properly will look sublime.  The downside is that when areas like this are finished to a low standard they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Granite Paving laid on a smooth plane

When laying natural stone or any type of paving it is very important that the paving is laid on a smooth plane.  This allows for easy drainage and also prevents any dips.  In order to achieve a smooth plane on any kind of patio paving it is essential to use string lines as a guide.  You should then use a spirit level as you go and constantly check the level of the finished patio height against the string lines.  When you are laying Indian sandstone paving or other types of riven stone it can be quite tricky to get the paving on as smooth plane but with sawn paving it is a little easier, as long as you know what you are doing :)

String lines are essential when laying garden paving

We can see the recessed manhole cover in the middle of the patio slabs.  These trays are designed to have paving installed inside them, and are much less obtrusive than standard manhole covers

Granite Paving laid around a recessed manhole cover

For any further information on any London Stone products used in the installation or for details of The Original Stone Paving Co, dont hesitate to get in touch

By London Stone Blog | Published 12th July 2012
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