Natural Stone Paving Installation

With any type of hard landscaping or construction project, one of the most important aspects is the preperation work.  We are on site in Warrington with The Original Stone Paving Co and after over a week of preperation we are starting to see the paving project take shape.  Black Basalt Sawn Paving and Silver Grey Granite Tegular Paving are being used as the paving material.  There is a sharp contrast between the colours of these stones and this is because the client is looking for contemporary garden paving to complement the ultra modern looking house.  Generally when people are looking to craete a contemporary outside space they will opt for natural stone products which are consistent in colour.  Basalt Paving and Granite Paving are both very consistent in colour.  London Stone have a wide range of contemporary Sawn Paving products and the majority of them are consistent in colour.  On this particular project, the paving also had to take vehicular access.  Any patio or driveway which will take regular vehicles will need to be strong and resistant to oil and tyre marks.  The Original Stone Paving Co have constructed natural stone paving driveways up and down the country and they will almost always use Granite as the paving material.  Granite is ultra dense which makes it very resistant to dirt, and when laid professionally will last for a long time.

As we can see from the pictures, The Original Stone Paving Co are starting to install the Basalt edging strips.  These will provide a contrast to the main  body of silver grey granite paving and will create strong design lines.

Preperation is the key to any Paving project


Black Basalt Sawn Paving To Create Clean Lines


Consistent coloured paving is the key to contemporary designs


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By London Stone Blog | Published 4th July 2012
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