Meet Ryan Burge, Our Newest Landscape Consultant

Meet our newest Landscape Consultant, Ryan Burge. He likes things to work properly. In fact, it was the desire to make workable solutions that curtailed his desire to become an architect. 

Service with a smile! Ryan at a Pro Landscaper Live event in spring 2019

"I studied architecture at uni, and I completed my undergraduate course, but chose not take it any further. I found that a lot of people were designing things that you could never build in the real world, and they would say ‘Oh, the engineer can sort that out.’" It wasn’t Ryan’s approach. "I upset the tutors - I’d query things and they were not always my biggest fan!"

Architecture’s Loss Is Our Gain

You may already have met Ryan. He joined London Stone three years ago as an estimator working on bespoke projects, before moving on to being a key account manager. He came to us with a wealth of experience as an estimator.

Of course, as an estimator, he rarely got to see the finished project. "It’s nice seeing the initial stage, but then you often never see the project again." That’s all changed now, with his position as Landscape Consultant. "It’s lovely to be involved all the way through, build a relationship with a contractor and get to know how they work. When you know someone’s style, you can say, ‘This is, or isn’t, going to be for you.’"

Like all our Landscape Consultants, Ryan’s there to do as much or as little as you want. "We’d normally meet over a coffee, maybe in a showroom or at the client’s design studio, and go through the products and take from there. Then I can organise full-size samples and offer project management from the initial concept to the final product selection, and ultimately to after the project is completed."

Meet our newest Landscape Consultant Ryan Burge - as Mandy Buckland of Greencube did when Ryan helped out with some last minute planting on site!

What our free service does is help give a clear picture of options and possibilities. "Garden designers have great ideas. My job is to help them get a solid design to take back to a contractor or end client," explains Ryan. "I really enjoy working on difficult projects. I work a lot with landscapers, as well as designers. There’s a good deal of interaction - designing, looking at samples, building up a bit of specification. It’s nice to be involved in the different stages, working closely with designers and getting something everyone wants."

From Estimator To Consultant

What this means is that, as a designer or landscaper, you have someone who knows all about your project, what it needs, where the problems are, what the solutions might be. "I try to emphasise that if you’ve got queries, tell me. If I don’t know the answer immediately; I’ll find out."

With his past few years’ experience in dealing with bespoke elements, Ryan tends to know what is possible and what is advised against. He won’t be calling out an engineer to fill the gap! "I can say that it won’t work that way but I can offer something similar - a close alternative, or a different method of working." This problem-solving is something Ryan thrives on. "That’s really come through for me. At times I surprise myself!"

Ryan's estimating expertise came in handy on this large-format Jura Beige scheme

Coming to London Stone meant that Ryan’s life underwent something of an upheaval. "As soon as I read the ad for my old role, I knew London Stone was the right company for me." Lincolnshire born and bred, he moved down here so he could work for us.

"As soon as I moved down, I was very much made to feel part of the company. There’s a great vibe. And customer service is the main thing. The products are amazing quality but customer service… Everyone is trying to give the best representation of the company. I get lots of good feedback about our drivers and my colleagues in the sales team. It makes you feel good as well."

We’ve had plenty of good feedback about Ryan too. Ryan is here to support anyone who needs some expert help and back-up for their design project. Contact him on by emailing, or on his mobile: 07730 130916.


Published 7th November 2019
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