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Despite the bad weather across England, The Original Stone Paving Co are continuing to make fast progress on site in Warrington.   The British weather is one of the biggest challenges which UK hard landscaping companies have to face.  When working with high specification sawn paving, hard landscaping companies face a big challenge in trying to get the project finished on time and also trying to achieve a high quality finish.  Many of the sawn paving products available in the UK need to be sealed and when sealing natural stone products dry weather is essential.  Luckily granite is an extremely hard natural stone and it does not need to be sealed but it is still important to have clean conditions on site to achieve the perfect finish.  The Original Stone Paving Co use tents supplied by  These tents are robust and mean that while other hard landscaping companies have to stop work due to the rain, The Original Stone Paving Co can continue laying stone in almost all weather conditions.

With the help of tents the paving installation is flowing as quickly as the rain is

There has been a slight change in levels on site and because of this it is important to bring in more MOT type 1 to raise the levels slightly.  As you can see from the pictures a string line is used to make sure the MOT is installed at the right level.  Once the MOT has been levelled out with rakes a whacker plate is then used to compact the MOT, forming a strong, solid base.

Natural Stone Paving should always be laid on MOT type 1

The MOT is compacted with a whacker plate. This Garden Paving wont be moving

Manhole covers are a common theme of any garden and can look unsightly when situated in the middle of a brand new garden patio.  There are products available though to minimise the visual impact of these manhole covers.  Recessed paving trays allow can be filled with the paving material while still providing access to the drain below.  The following is a picture of a finished recess manhole cover.  The paving material in this case is Fossil Mint Sandstone Paving and although the manhole cover is visible, it is reasonably well concealed.


Fossil Mint Sandstone Paving used in a recess manhole cover




By London Stone Blog | Published 10th July 2012
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