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Over the next couple of weeks we will be taking you behind the scenes of a high specification Natural Stone Paving installation in Warrington, Cheshire.  Were not going to just show photos of the finished project, wheres the fun in that.  Were going to show you the whole installation from start to finish, warts and all !

The Original Stone Paving Co work nationwide and specialise in the installation of Natural Stone.  The company is owned by Stephen Cook (known as Cookie) who has a wealth of experience with Natural Stone, Yorkstone Paving and other natural materials.  With a reputation for quality workmanship, The Original Stone Paving Co have worked on numerous high profile projects including, The Houses Of Parliament, Clarence House and Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Day 1

The clients brief was to create a contemporary outside space to match the modern house.  Standard block paving was out of the question and having worked with Granite Paving in the past Cookie opted to go for a six sided sawn and flame textured Silver Grey Granite tegular paver.  The plan is to lay the tegs in a coursed pattern.  For those who don't understand this terminology, a coursed pattern is simply when the paving is laid in lines.  In this case the tegs are all a fixed width of 150mm by varying lengths of 150mm, 200m & 250mm.  One of The Original Stone Paving Companies specialties is the installation of  Natural Stone Setts, so this particular project is right up their street

Before a contractor can even think about laying Natural Stone Paving there is lots of groundwork to be done.  On this project the site is very confined with many challenging changes of levels.   There are also lots of old concrete bases which need to be removed.  Its essential on this type of project to use specialist, experienced contractors.




Thats all the progress for day 1.  The next installment will be posted tomorrow.  If anybody has got any questions or wants further information about London Stone or The Original Stone Paving company get in touch at

By London Stone Blog | Published 12th June 2012
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