Laying Natural Stone Paving Slabs in Warrington

It's Day 7 on site in Warrington and  for anybody who is reading the blog for the first time we are featuring the installation of over 200m2 of silver grey granite tegular paving.  The Original Stone Paving Co operate nationwide and are specialists in the installation of natural stone paving.  Yesterday we saw the granite paving arriving from China and today we are going to see the installation of the Black Basalt Sawn Paving edging strips.  As you can see from the pictures the property is a modern contemporary build and the client is looking for a paving solution to match this.  Cookie of the Original Stone Paving Co sources natural stone from all over the UK and for this particular project came to London Stone.

Cookie has opted to use 2 materials for this project.  Silver Grey Granite Paving and Black Basalt Sawn Paving.  Both these materials have been sawn on all six sides with a flame textured surface finish.  When hard materials like granite and basalt are sawn the surafce of the stone goes like glass.  There are 2 problems with this.  Firstly the stone is very slippy and secondly its not very attractive.  The solution is to flame texture the surface of the stone.  This adds a texture and also improves the appeearance of the stone.  There are many different surfaces that can be applied to sawn paving.  flamed, brushed, sandblasted and honed finish are all applied to sawn paving to improve the look and slip resistance properties.

Edging strip of Black Basalt Sawn Paving


Laid on a full bed of sharp sand & cement


Sand is delivered in bulk to keep costs down


By London Stone Blog | Published 3rd July 2012
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