Laying Natural Stone Paving Slabs In All Weather

London Stone are on site in Warrington, Cheshire.  Were here to see The Original Stone Paving Co doing what they do best, installing natural stone paving.  Progress on the site has been swift to far and the project is really beginning to take shape however we have hit a snag, the good old British weather. It has been pouring down in Cheshire for the last few days. Rain can often bring natural stone installations to an abrupt halt, but not on this occasion. The Original Stone Paving Co are vastly experienced in the installation of stone paving, and use marquis to protect themselves from the weather, meaning that they can continue to lay paving in all weather conditions. Marquis are not possible on every project due to space on site but on large installations like this they become invaluable.

These marquis are ideal for large projects


Whatever the weather, the paving must go down

Once the marquis are set up you can see that The Original Stone Paving Co can work as normal. On the picture we can see the skilled operative laying out all the granite tegular paving for the skilled layer to work with.  Many garden paving projects will simply grind to a halt when the rain starts, so it is good to see that Cookie and the rest of the team have found a way to keep working. This is good for everybody involved as it means that the client gets the job finished on time and that nobody has to have any time off work.

Experienced pavers do not lay stone on their knees

Above is a picture of Cookie laying the granite paving. Cookie has worked with stone for over 25 years and you will notice from the picture that unlike some installers Cookie is not on his knees laying the stone.  Although it may be more comfortable in the short term laying stone on your knees, in the long term it can have very bad consequences for your knees.  Laying natural stone paving is hard work and can be very stressful for the body.  I recently laid a Sandstone Paving patio at my house and it was very hard work.  It is very important that when laying natural stone, or any kind of paving that you have a skilled team of people around you to share the workload.

Silver Grey Granite Tegular Paving


Sawn Paving looks great in contemporary garden designs


That's all for today.  If anyone has any questions or wants further information on London Stone or The Original Stone Paving Co, don't hesitate to get in touch

By London Stone Blog | Published 9th July 2012
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