How our Laser Templating service makes your life easier

Have you ever made a costly mistake? I'll bet we all have at some time cut paving and then realised we'd missed a stage in our calculations or mis-measured a gap. Or provided templates, had the stones cut to order and then realised upon delivery that the template was wrong and no overhang had been added. Enough to make your heart sink, when you have an eye on margins and profit. Not to mention the extra time you have to spend recutting.

Beige Sawn Sandstone pool surround and paving from London Stone, laid by Timotay Landscapes

Beige Sawn Sandstone, cut precisely to shape using our Laser Templating service, gives a perfect curve to the pool coping. Picture courtesy of Timotay Landscapes.

Some builds need highly precise measurements, such as the renovation of this swimming pool by Timotay Landscapes above. The clients liked having the pool but were sick of their dreary concrete hard landscaping. Beige Sawn Sandstone has really brightened the whole space, but cutting the coping to fit the pool's curves could have been a real, time-eating headache. Instead, Timotay called in our Laser Templating service and expert estimator, Piotr Przytula.

Curved Pool Copings created by laser templating

Laser templating of the pool surround, showing the different shapes required.

In a couple of hours, Piotr had run the laser over the existing coping, taking precise measurements that he then transferred to his desktop and uploaded to our CNC machine, where the stone was cut exactly as required.

Alfred Homes, Beige Sawn Sandstone, created with laser templating

A stunning layout for Alfred Homes.

Other jobs are less straight-forward. At this completely new build for Alfred Homes, the separate elements of the design really made it into three sites in one. The size and some additional changes meant that Piotr made a couple of visits over two days, surveying the base brickwork.

Brick base of steps

The brick basework of curved steps was laser templated.

“The edge of the brick was my reference line,” says Piotr, “and I used this accordingly.” So, from these measurements he could add a 40mm overhang for the bullnosed step treads and allow gaps between brickwork and stone for perfect fitting.

Curved steps with bullnosed edges measured with laser templating

Perfectly spaced step treads.

With a design, such as the semi-circular patio below, the number and shape of the segments are mapped out with the laser templating, drawings are then produced and sent for approval by the customer. The result here was stunning – once again using our Beige Sawn Sandstone.

Semi-circular patio, made easy with laser templating

Patio in Beige Sawn Sandstone, laser templated by Piotr and cut on our CNC machine.

Sometimes avoiding extra costs ends up as a false economy. Bringing in our Laser Templating service is like an insurance policy, protecting you from costly mistakes, while creating really accurate lines and offering you complete peace of mind.

We say, Why give yourself a headache, when you can give yourself a break?


By London Stone Blog | Published 26th April 2016
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