Indigenous British Natural Stone

While much of the natural stone paving sold in Britain is imported, the British isles do have a diverse range of natural stone reserves.  Portland limestone and Welsh slate are revered across the world while the City of London is covered entirely in Yorkstone paving.  London Stone are passionate about our countries indigenous stones and have invested in machinery which allow us to cut and process homegrown stone.  Towards the end of 2012 we installed a wire saw at our processing plant.  A wire saw is used to create sawn paving from large, rough blocks of stone.   Buff Yorkstone is the most popular of our British stones and only today we took a  delivery of 2 x 14 ton blocks of Yorkstone from a quarry in the north of England.  Yorkstone is not only popular as a paving material but is also used to create bullnose step treads, coping stones, pier caps and landing stones.


By London Stone Blog | Published 10th May 2013
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