How To Lay Granite Paving

Its day 5 on site in Warrington with The Original Stone Paving Co.  Cookie and the the rest of the team are flying along with their natural stone paving installation.  Sleeper walls are up, block walls are up and the shape and style of the garden is begining to show.  An excavator is being used to level off the sub base material before it will be consolidated with a plate compactor.  Its not possible to use machines on all jobs due to space and access restrictions but on large paving installations such as this, a mini digger is essesntial kit.

Sleeper Retaining Walls


A mini digger is essential kit on large paving installations


The MOT base being levelled with the digger. Look how deep the base is.  These Paving Slabs wont be moving anywhere !


Thats all from Warrington now.   London Stone are delivering the rest of the paving to site on Monday 2nd July, so we will be back to Warrington then.

By London Stone Blog | Published 22nd June 2012
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