Grey Sawn Yorkstone Paving

While the popularity of imported natural stone has grown over the last 10 years there is still a big demand for British natural stone paving.  So what are the advantages of home grown stone over the cheaper imported types?  The main advantage of using British stone is that it will have an established track record of durability.  Yorkstone Paving has been used as a paving material on the streets of Great Britain for hundreds of years, its tried and tested.  Welsh slate is know for its superb physical qualities and is much more dense than many of the various types of imported slate paving.  The drawback is often the price.  As a rough guide British stones are usually a minimum of three times the price of the imported equivalent.  In today's economic climate customers are often reluctant to spend the extra money on something they may consider to  be an indulgence.  Its often suggested that using British stone is more environmentally friendly with less of a carbon footprint.  This is debatable when you consider that imported natural stone is delivered to our shores in super sized container ships, probably the most fuel efficient method of transport on the planet

By London Stone Blog | Published 16th August 2011
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