Granite From China

Its day 6 and we are on site in Warrington with The Original Stone Paving Co.  The Original Stone Paving Co have been off site for a couple of weeks waiting for the Granite Paving to arrive from China.  Progress has been good so far.  The groundworks have been completed and part of the driveway and paths have already been laid.  The Original Stone Paving Co have a reputation for large scale bespoke natural stone paving installations.  The bespoke nature of many of their projects means that they have to source natural stone from a wide range of sources.  For this particular project Cookie opted to use silver grey granite paving from China.  The majority of granite used in the UK comes from China, mainly due to the  price of imported granite being so much cheaper than granite quarried in the UK.  This has no reflection on quality though, Chinese granite is renowned for its durability.  The Granite was delivered to site this morning on a large curtain side lorry.  A manitou was waiting on site to unload the stone and its now safely on site waiting to be laid.  This project will start to take shape very quickly now and over the next few days we will be posting many more pictures of the progress.  For anyone wanting to get an insight into the installation of Exterior Paving this blog will show how it should be done.



The Granite Paving arrives from China


A manitou is used to unload the crates

The Granite is on site awaiting installation

Stone is well packaged

By London Stone Blog | Published 2nd July 2012
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