ETI Stone Group: April Meeting

Regular readers of this blog will know that London Stone are ETI corporate members.  The ethical issues which apply to the imported natural stone industry are well documented.  A stone group was formed within the ETI to tackle these issues head on.  London Stone attended the April meeting yesterday.

You have to give enormous credit to the ETI stone group (not intending to blow our own trumpet here, we are new comers to this group).  Anyone who thinks these people are here to make up the numbers is very much mistaken.

Listening to David Morrell, Group head of sustainability at Marshalls talking authoritatively and passionately about ethical trading really highlights the time and resources that Marshalls are putting into this.

The Pavestone team of Kevin Fowler and John Layton are equally as passionate and authoritative on the subject of ethical trade.  When you look at the efforts and achievements of Pavestone in Kota (the centre of the Indian sandstone industry) you cant help but admire just what has been achieved out in India.

Will keep you posted with all stone group developments

Steven Walley (Director London Stone)

By London Stone Blog | Published 28th April 2010
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