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The Original Stone Paving Company are coming to the end of the Sawn Granite Paving project in Warrington.  It's been informative for London Stone to see our products installed on such a modern development.  As a company we have always had a passion for contemporary sawn paving and we love to see natural stone used in contemporary designs.  In this particular project Sawn Granite Tegula Paving has been used in conjunction with Black Basalt Sawn Paving.  Although Basalt and Granite are completely different in colour, they are very similar in texture.  Both the stones have a flame textured surface finish.  The result is a bold, striking contrast which provides a real definition to the lines of the paving.

The project is very close to completion now and we are looking forward to seeing the final photos

Silver Grey Granite Paving laid against Black Basalt
Contrasting paving colours define the borders
Black Basalt Sawn Paving against electric gate


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By London Stone Blog | Published 19th July 2012
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