Amaffi’s Gift To Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Amaffi’s Gift To Chelsea and Westminster Hospital During Covid-19 Outbreak - back in May 2020, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, an extraordinary garden build took place

It has been some time since London Stone’s last blog amid the current climate, but as things return to some semblance of normality, we are pleased to start our weekly blog posts again. Back in late May, London Stone donated our DesignBoard composite decking to landscaping company, Butterworth Horticulture for an extremely worthy cause.

Chelsea's loss is Chelsea (and Westminster's) Gain

With the cancellation of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year, plants that were destined to be used on Tamara Bridge and Kate Savill-Tague’s garden were donated as a gift from perfume house, and garden sponsor, Amaffi, to the hospital. The flowers have now fulfilled a much greater purpose; creating a colourful scented oasis that will stand for years to come.

NHS Chelsea and Westminster Hospital During Covid
The finished Chelsea and Westminster hospital garden during the Covid-19 outbreak. Image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

With only a small team, and following social distancing guidelines, in just forty-eight hours, Butterworth Horticulture transformed the patient and staff outdoor space at NHS Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The previously bland and unused space is now a vibrant and blooming tranquil area. Despite the tight timescale and after only two hours sleep, RHS ambassador Jamie Butterworth commented that the project was “By far the most emotionally rewarding garden we have ever created. It is simply humbling just to be a part of this project.”

A place for quiet reflection in an uncertain world

The garden is now filled with an abundance of flowers. The combination of scented and colourful plants such as lupins, Iris, dianthus, alliums and salvia, creates a calming, reflective atmosphere; the perfect setting to unwind from a hectic hospital.

NHS Chelsea and Westminster Hospital During Covid
RHS Ambassador and one-time London Stone employee, Jamie Butterworth tending to the garden. Image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

We are all very much aware of the amazing work the NHS is doing during these unprecedented times. Amaffi and Butterworth Horticulture’s beautiful gesture represents our community gratitude. The garden is a lasting thank you to the hospital for the extraordinary work of their staff during the current pandemic. The garden is now a permanent feature for patients and staff alike to enjoy. It is filled with stunning planting and peaceful seating areas. The hope for the garden is to become the centre of the hospital community for everyone to benefit from. For patients and their families, the peaceful garden can be a place of solace and quiet recovery. For staff, the open area can be a place to relax and unwind during a stressful shift.

NHS Chelsea and Westminster Hospital During Covid
The garden has a host of seating areas, amid stunning planting to ensure tranquillity and calm are restored to visitors. Image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

The Charcoal DesignBoard composite decking donated by London Stone was used to create a raised seating area for visitors to the garden to relax in. Set back in the garden and surrounded by the vibrant planting, the composite decking platform creates a private setting to quietly enjoy the garden or to appreciate the company of others in a tranquil spot. The dark tones of the decking boards are the ideal backdrop for lush planting, the burnt tones creating the perfect contrast to the greenery. The two sandy-coloured timber benches placed atop the decking produce the perfect distinction of tones. Every aspect of this garden has been well thought-out to deliver an impressive space.

Charcoal DesignBoard Composite Decking
The Charcoal DesignBoard creates a seating area, encapsulated by the luscious garden. Image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

Planting runs through the middle of the garden with neutral paving either side. Placed in the middle of the planting there is a beautiful plaque that serves as a reminder to what this garden means. Dominic Conlin, the Hospital Director, expressed his gratitude stating that the garden was an “overwhelming gesture, both of generosity and creativity but also as a memorial to patients who have died and to those that survived, and to the courage and bravery of our staff”.

London Stone DesignBoard Jamie Butterworth
The garden is a permanent feature within the hospital grounds, and will be enjoyed for years to come. Image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

This charitable act will serve as an ongoing reminder of the selflessness of so many during this time and the gratitude owed to them. Not only has Butterworth Horticulture built this impressive garden, but they will also be regularly returning to the site for the continued care and maintenance of the garden, gratis. We at London Stone are truly honoured to have been a part of this amazing project.

Published 30th July 2020
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