Add Value To Natural Stone Paving

The cost of natural stone paving can vary wildly.  Indian Sandstone which if you look hard enough (not recommended) can be found for as little as £12 per m2.   While shopping at the top of the market for products like Portland Stone and Welsh Slate can easily see spending that runs into the hundreds of pounds per m2.  Not everyone has the budget to spend a fortune on premium sawn paving so I wanted to write a blog on how with a little bit of creativity, less expensive stones can be used to amazing effect.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a single sized stone.  Random patterns of natural stone do still have their place within garden design but they are quite common and will not set a design apart from the next.  Just using a single size can make all the difference when it comes to design.  I am a big fan of using rectangles laid in stretcher bond or grid.  You don't often see rectangles pieces of stone laid in grids so if you are brave enough to do this your project will definitely stand out from the rest.  Here is a picture of a garden in North London designed by Lucy Wilcox.  Lucy opted for sawn sandstone rectangles laid in a grid pattern and I think it looks amazing.


The second tip I would offer is to try and source a natural stone with a consistent colour.  Generally, natural stones with an even colour will help to provide modern looking clean lines.  There are stones which are consistent in colour which don't need to break the bank.  Stones like Kota Blue Limestone Paving & Midnight Black Limestone Paving.


Think outside the box and you will be able to create an outdoor space that is not only unique to your personality but also does not break the bank

By London Stone Blog | Published 31st July 2013
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