Beautiful Artificial Green Wall Panels Made with Breath-taking Quality

From £225 + VAT per panel

Vistagreen artificial vertical garden solutions can bring walls ‘alive’ by adding much needed colour and texture to otherwise dull vertical areas. Designed by an experienced, award-winning horticulturist, the panels offer year-round display, perfect for areas in which real plants struggle to grow – both inside and out. The panels mimic the growing patterns of real plants, and overlap each other to provide a seamless, transformative effect. Vistagreen displays can be personalised to your own design, with the addition of Colour Boxes, and can be viewed in our showrooms.

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Without the need of costly ongoing maintenance, Vistagreen artificial wall panels are either UV tested under equatorial conditions for exterior use, or are fire-tested to current British Standards for interior use. Panels come with a manufacturer’s warranty of five years, and carry a sturdy, lightweight design. Panels have been designed to capture the exact colour and shading of real plants, as well as being made to the exact size of living plants. Vistagreen artificial wall panels will uplift a dull space and transform it into a vibrant, focal area.