Yew (Taxus baccata)

Yew (Taxus baccata)

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The Yew Baccata, "Taxus baccata", or English Yew as it is also known, is a household name in English horticulture. It has been used for thousands of years and boasts a rich history throughout time. Bring this classic plant to your garden in the form of topiary balls. This large, evergreen tree has striking dark green pine needles. In the spring the females of this species will produce green budlike flowers which will then turn to brown as the season progresses. In the later months, bright red berries will appear giving this plant a whole new aesthetic. The changes in the Yew Baccata throughout the year will bring interest to your garden in the form of a new look every few months. This reliable, sturdy, hardy and incredibly popular hedging plant is the perfect addition to any garden.
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Product TypePlant
Country Of OriginBritain
Weight75 - 90 kg
Latin NameTaxus baccata
Plant Type Evergreen
ShapeTopiary Ball
Plant Height including Pot

70cm Diameter - 120cm

80cm Diameter - 135cm

Container SizeWired Rootball
Rootball/Container Diameter 50 - 55 cm
Growth Size & HabitatGrowth rate of 20-40cm a year.
Growing Conditions

Taxus are as tough as they come. A species that will tolerate exposure, dry soils and urban pollution. It is also ok in full shade.

This makes a great specimen plant for topiary and hedging.

Soil Requirements

Taxus baccata will grow in any well drained soil; it can grow in multiple soil types such as; chalk, clay, loam, sand.

It is a versatile plant that is able to grow in soil that varies in pH levels (acid, alkaline, neutral).

Watering Requirements

The key to growing Taxus is to avoid them from getting too wet.

Often when planting its beneficial to add some grit to the planting hole to help improve drainage. Equally, during the summer months ensure they don’t dry out.


To shape, prune hard in late spring.

Hedges and shrubs can be lightly trimmed all throughout its growth periods, it can also be pruned right back, even into old wood. If you would like it to grow to more of a height.

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